Ford xr6 manual conversion

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ford xr6 manual conversion

EB XR6 vs ED XR6 Ford Forums. ba manual conversion. - Ford Modifications Website. A mate of mine has what is as far as we can confirm the first BA in Australia to be converted from Auto to Manual, he has had the manual in and running for about 4-5 months. the car ran a 15.6 as its best time Auto, and has since run a 15.1 with the manual on its first and only pass, the car was at ford for about 2 hours. the conversion …, Mar 02, 2011 · I own a falcon au xr6 series 1 and i have ripped the six out of the body and replaced it with an auxr8 series 2 motor and manual gearbox, i also changed the engine wiring looms from xr6 to xr8 in the engine bay running down the sides of the motor ( the 8 has an extra oxygen sensor on the passenger side). Everything is factory with no mods, problem is i didnt ….

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Ford Barra conversion in 242 / 240 RWD - Oz Volvo Forums. Apr 04, 2016В В· The Ford range uses the T5 manual transmission, as fitted to the XF 6 cylinder through to the BA, and the T56 as fitted to the BA MarkII, and BF and FG Range. Mal Wood Automotive carries a large range of complete reconditioned transmissions, and can help you with performance range of Tickford and FPV vehicles., BA/BF/FG Buy Swap Sell Australia has 10,508 members. Buy swap sell Australia ford ba bf & fg parts. Buy and Sell Group. Jump to. Sections of this page. Parting out bf xr6 sedan vixon red 6 speed t56 manual limited slip diff m86 aftermarket gt wing red cloth interior not the best 244000 km black roof lining located loganholme ph 0422358644.

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ford xr6 manual conversion

AU V8 Conversion Parts List - Australian Ford Forums. hey guys ive got a 2009 na fg xr6 with 5 speed auto in it and wanted to make it manual, how do I go about this what do I need roughly how much it costs etc..ive got too much money spent on it already to sell and rebuy manual fg, now selling complete 6 speed manual gearbox/transmission conversion kit out of 2014 ford falcon fg xr6 mkii non turbo ute kit comes as a package not splitting items kms : 123,000 *** ad is for manual conversion kit only *** gearbox, ecu key set, engine loom, shifter and surround, pedal assembly, slave assembly, cluster, ecu kit, oil lines, clutch and flywheel, starter motor, wiring ….

BA/BF/FG Buy Swap Sell Australia Public Group Facebook. Dec 02, 2012В В· Auto to manual conversion questions AU Welcome to the Australian Ford Forums forum. You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and inserts advertising. Daily/Tow car: XhII Xr6 factory 5 speed exhaust and extractors. Weekend: Au III Xr6 5 speed, Tickford 17's, premo, Jul 03, 2011В В· Welcome to the Australian Ford Forums forum. XR6 to XR8 Conversion Possible? I was wondering, since I am only allowed 6's (p plate restrictions), buy an AU xr6 (manual) and once I reach full license status, put 5.0L 220kw Windsor in. Things I am sure I will need is.

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ford xr6 manual conversion

N/a To Turbo Conversion Ford 4.0L N/A Discussion - Ford. Ba Turbo Auto To Manual Conversion - Ford Modifications Website. 6 speed auto is 2 expensive, same as 6 speed auto. Reason im wanting to change is my auto box has just blown itself and I can get a manual box cheap, just trying to work out other stuff that I need Feb 10, 2007В В· Has anyone heard of one of the 4.0 litre factory turbo ford engines being used for an engine conversion? I know there are a lot of Jap engines - including some decent turbo sixes - to choose from for an engine swap but I'm curious if the xr6-turbo engine has found a new home in anything smaller/lighter..

ford xr6 manual conversion

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    2003 Ford Falcon BA XR6 Turbo. Only 119,242km done. Modifications included: - T56 Manual gearbox conversion - 3.9.1 Racing diff - XYZ adjustable springs and covers - Pirelli 255/35/R18Y tyres front - Yokohama 265/35/R18Y tyres rear - Speedy Alloy Rims - Garret GTX 3582R aftermarket turbo - External waste gate - Blow-off valve (goes into exhaust, not atmosphere so … Feb 29, 2016 · Originally Posted by Ford Falcon XR6. Great list !! I'm doing my conversion in the next few months and this will be a great help. This is very good, can we also have a auto to manual conversion list? For example what do I need to convert my auto AU2 XR8 to manual? AU V8 Conversion - Parts List. Nathan, thank you so much for making up